Pupelių ir bulvių troškinys/ Bean and Potato Curry

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Draugė rekomendavo tai užsisakiau kelias knygas apie "clean eating". Pasak jos ir interntinių atsiliepimų tai yra sveika mityba, padeda sureguliuot svorį, sveika visam organizmui ir t.t. Kiek realiai 'užkabins šita knyga ir mitybos būdas matysim kai gausiu knygas ir pasiskaitysiu.. Ar išvis aš dar tuo susigundysiu taip pat neaišku.
O bent kol kas valgom toliau tai kas skanu ir patinka.

Porcijos: 4

Gaminimo laikas:
apie 50 min. (tiesiogiai priklauso nuo naudojamų pupelių rūšies)


1 stiklinė baltų pupelių (išmirkytų per naktį)
1 svogūnas (smulkiai pjaustytas)
0,5 stiklinės pomidorų pastos
2-3 nedielės bulvės (pjaustytos gabaliukais
1 a.š. kumino sėklų
1 a.š. imbiero pastos
1 a.š. smulkinto česnako
1 a.š. garam masalos prieskonių
2-3 žalieji čili pipirai
0,5 a.š. ciberžolės miltelių
1 lauro lapas
Aliejaus kepimui
Druskos pagal skonį

Gaminimo būdas:

Puode įkaitinti aliejų ir jame apkepti kumino sėklas. Sudėti smulkintą svogūną, česnaką, . imbierą, smulkintus žaliuosius čili, lauro lapą, ciberžolę, garam masalą ir druską. Pakepti kelias minutes.

Sudėti bulves, pakepti dar apie 2-3 minutes maišant. Tada sudėti pupeles, pomidorų pastą ir išmaišius pakepti 1-2 minutes.

Įpilti vandens, kad viskas būtų apsemta (apie 1- 1,5 stiklinės), uždengti dangtį ir virti kol pupelės bus išvirusios.

A friend recommended, so I ordered a few books about "clean eating". According to the feedback it is a healthy way of eating that, helps to adjust the weight and is good for health. How much use those books will have we'll see when I'll get them and read them.
And now I can still continue cooking and eating what is tasty and what i like.

Servings: 4

Cooking time: about 50 minutes. (Directly depends on the type of beans used)


1 cup white beans (soaked overnight)
1 onion (finely chopped)
0.5 cup tomato paste
2-3 small potatoes (cut into pieces)
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp ginger paste
1 tsp crushed garlic
1 tsp garam masala spice
2-3 green chilies
0.5 tsp turmeric powder
1 bay leaf
Oil for frying
Salt to taste


Heat the oil in a pan and fry cumin seeds for few seconds. Add chopped onion, garlic, ginger, chopped green chillies, bay leaf, turmeric powder, garam masala and salt. Fry several minutes.

Add the potatoes, stir fry for about 2-3 minutes. Then add the beans, tomato paste and stir fry for 1-2 minutes.

Add enough water to cover everything (about 1 to 1.5 cups), cover the lid and simmer until beans are cooked.


  1. Your food always looks soooo good. I use bay leaves when making curries so i still have a few of those in my cabinet. They are so fragrant and using them in this veggie dish sounds so exciting!

  2. Thanks :) I don't work that much on making dishes look great.. Can't even compare with your decorated adorable cakes :)
    I have a lot of bay leaves in my closet, I got too big package :))

  3. Mmm, clean eating or not, I know I would enjoy this!

  4. Yum! This looks good. Now I need to look for garam masala spice. Never heard of that.

  5. The clean eating thing will last about a week. Trust me.

    But with recipes like this it may be longer.

  6. I adore beans and this recipe sounds like a delicious way to cook them up! Love the idea that it's healthy and clean as well.

  7. Carolyn- I am enjoying it too :) wanted so much that even couldn't finish what I put in my plate.. :)))

  8. Mama J - it is delicious and filling :) I mean just garam masala spice mix, I use it many dishes, it tastes good almost anywhere :)

  9. Torviewtoronto- thanks, it was great thing and easy to make too :)))

  10. Rick --- have no idea if this one is clean or 'dirty' :)) but somehow I think you may be right.. clean eating most probably wont last very long if it tells me to cut out favorite things :)

  11. Julie M. --- I don't want to mistake you, I don't know if this is clean eating or no, I didn't get the books yet. Im just enjoying things that I like at the moment :)

  12. I've been seeing this clean eating stuff everywhere lately. This dish looks really tasty and really high in protein.

  13. This is very popular in my house, minus the turmeric and cumin. I never tried that combo!
    Looks awesome!

  14. Annie, I have seen clean eating everywhere too, but my best friend said it's a good stuff so I decided to check it :)

  15. Sandra, thanks :) we like beans and potatoes too, it's a filling dish :)

  16. Nemaniau, kad pupelės su bulvėmis taip gali derėti tarpusavyje. Skaniai suvalgėm. :)


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