2011 m. liepos 18 d., pirmadienis

Picos Pyragas/ Pizza Pie

Aš esu reklaminės spaudos mėgėja!

Kai tik randu pašto dėžutę randu prikištą reklaminių žurnalų visus sąžiningai peržiūriu. Ir pasirodo, kad juose ne tik šlamštas, nes kartais randu produktų su nuolaida, kurių šiaip be nuolaidos neperku. Ir ne tik, pasirodo galima rasti ir naudingų receptų kaip šis picos pyragas. Nors tiksliai taip kaip aprašyta nedariau, įdarą dariau pagal savo skonį.

Porcijos: 4

Gaminimo laikas: apie 25 min.


2 šaldytos tešlos lakštai
4 v.š. pomidorų padažo
50 gr. rukyto kumpio
50 gr. salami dešros
2 v.š. pjaustytų saulėje džiovintų pomidorų
2 v.š. smulintų juodųjų alyvuogių
200 gr. mozarela sūrio
1 a.š. džiovinto raudonėlio ( arba kitokių picos prieskonių)

Gaminimo procesas:

Kepimo skardą iškloti iškočiotu tešlos lakštu. Ant tešlos paskleisti pomidorų padažą, pabarstyti sūriu, sudėti pjaustytą kumpelį, dešrą, alyvuoges, džiovintus pomidorus ir ant viršaus dar užbarstyti sūrio, prieskonių.

Viską uždengti tešlos lakštu, užpausti kraštus. Kepti 200C - 220C įkaitintoje orkaitėje apie ąį min., kol tešla pasidarys auksiniai rudos spalvos. Supjaustyti į 4 dalis ir valgyti.

I am a junk mail lover!

As soon as I find it in a mailbox, I look at everything. And it appears that it is possible to find good things in there that I wouldn't buy at the regular price. And not just that, you can find useful recipes like this pizza pie that I tried. Although I didn't follow the recipe exactly, filling I prepared the way I liked it.

Servings: 4

Cooking time: about 25 minutes


2 sheets rolled puff pastry
4 tbsp tomato sauce
50 gr. smoked ham
50 gr. salami sausage
2 tbsp chopped sun-dried tomatoes
2 tbsp black olives
200 gr. grated mozzarella cheese
1 tsp dried oregano (or any other pizza spices)


Line baking tray with one pastry sheet. Spread tomato sauce, sprinkle with half of cheese, sprinkle ham, sausage, olives, dried tomatoes, spices and top with cheese that was left.

Cover everything with another pastry sheet, press edges to seal. Bake in preheated to 200C - 220C oven for about 15 mins until the the pastry turns golden brown. Cut into 4 parts and enjoy.

31 komentaras:

  1. Oh, my gosh! This looks fabulous!!! Pizza with puffed pastry...LOVE this idea...so yummy~

  2. Ramintukai, great and makes life much easier :D

  3. Lizzy, thanks, I tried it and loved it. My husband said that is this the best pizza ever :)

  4. Labai "teisingas" reikalas piknikams ir iškyloms.

  5. I am up for anything having to do with pizza and the idea of using pastry sheets for the dough is a time saver. In addition, it is a tasty light change to the standard crust. Well done!

  6. Indre, arba šiaip taupant laiką labai gerai.

  7. Tina, exactly! It's lighter, tastes great and saves a lot of time :)

  8. The melted cheese and olives look so good. This must be hard to resist!

  9. Ok pizza looks amazinggggg..and cheese, olive oh.. can I just say making me hungry. nice snaps and fantastic recipes medeja!

  10. Totally different from regular pie, looks so mouthwatering!

  11. No meat for me, but I want to make this with a mountain of veggies!

  12. How cool that you found this in the junk mail! I'll take 2 slices please!! YUM!

  13. My ninja turtle would love this.

  14. Ohhh now I am HUNGRY!!!!! It looks delicious!!! Amazing what you can find in the junk mail! In Italy we didn't use to get almost any... here there's so much of it! :-)))

  15. Daksha, thanks :) It was really very delicious.

  16. Tiffany, Im sure with veggies it also would taste great :)

  17. Katrina, I know! Seems like you find really good things in junk mail :))

  18. Manu, I get junk mail usually few times in a week and few weeks back I discovered that there are even some interesting recipes in there :)

  19. Terrific! Now I know what to do with that puff pastry I've had in my freezer. :)

  20. This is my idea of perfect comfort food to eat in front of a movie. Melted cheese & puff pastry is a match made in heaven!

  21. that's a neat idea! i can try so many variations with the fillings.

    maybe i should stop deleting my junk mails and read through them too...lol

  22. Haha really? I wish my junk mail has something more useful... well I admit, I don't carefully look in there and click delete. If you can find this great recipe idea, then I'd pay more attention too! :-) What a delicious pizza pie! I love both pizza and pie and love the ingredients you used for pizza pie. Yum!

  23. Joanne, I finished the one I had and got some more :)

  24. foodblogandthedog, it's quick and delicious thing.. :)

  25. cakewhiz, this one I found in junk mail magazine :) junk emails I don't read myself :)

  26. Nami, I found it in paper junk magazine :) These somehow I like :)
    Thanks, it is worth to try when you are too busy or too tired. I think kids would like such pizza pie :)

  27. I never made marinara sauce at home .. but that is one of my fav with meat balls :)


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